The Creators

Ann Swanson, MS

Ann is a certified yoga therapist, speaker, and author of Science of Yoga which is being translated to over 10 languages. She is part heart-based healer and part science nerd. Ann supports people in being healthier and more joyful. She does this by making yoga and wellness non-intimidating and accessible, especially those who feel like they can't do yoga. With a Master of Science in yoga therapy and roots studying yoga in India and qi gong in China, Ann uniquely applies cutting-edge research to mind-body practices while maintaining the heart of the traditions. She internationally speaks and teaches on the science supporting yoga’s benefits to both the public and in yoga teacher training programs. In her private practice, Ann specializes in helping busy people worldwide relieve pain (like from back pain or arthritis), manage stress, and find ease through one-on-one telehealth yoga therapy.

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Andrew Noske, PhD

Andrew is neuroscience postdoc who got his PhD in Australia studies diabetes. He left Australia to try and make an impact in the United States, and took a left turn into software engineering. He currently works as a Google Maps engineer, but his biggest passions are writing books and dancing. His first book, Ice Cream = Sex, hasn't sold many copies, but he doens't really care. You do what you love. Andrew has always been fascianted by phycology and connection. In San Francisco he discovered spirituality and hasn't been the same since. Maybe he broke. Hopefully he became better. Andrew moved to Hawaii during the pandemic and met Ann. Quicly they became dance partners and close friends.

At a beach in Oahu, Andrew played an authentic relating game called hot seat and showed Ann the following day. Very quickly they both realized they had a passion for asking great questions - sometimes conscious and deep and sometimes funny and playful. It was at that moment they decided they could turn some of these question into a book, and Limitless Questions started to grow.